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Family Candle Making Workshops

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Make Your Own Candle In Our Candle Workshop

Our Candle Workshops are an ever popular choice for people interested in candle making in Cheshire. Candle making is a great, creative activity for people of all ages – adults and children alike find our candle Workshops a real hands-on experience as they enjoy the skill of traditional candle making.

As you try your hand at candle dipping in your choice of coloured waxes, we’ll tell you a little more about the history of candle making in Cheshire and you’ll see the art come to life in your hands. That’s why our educational visits are so popular!

Candle Making in Cheshire – Group Sessions

We’re always delighted to arrange group and individual candle making sessions for adults and children of all ages and abilities. Our Candle Workshop is an educational and incredibly creative way to learn all about candle making and take home your very own candle. The Candle Workshop and candle making sessions are available seven days a week. Prices start from £3.00 per candle.

Candle Making Packages for groups during term time

During school term times we are able to offer the following packages for groups in excess of 15 students.

Make a twin twist candle and decorate an upright candle holder – £5.50 per person.

Make a twin twist candle and decorate a t-lite holder – £5.00 per person.